Meditation as a lifestyle

Every morning before I get out of bed to feed my cat I take a few minutes to myself to meditate and get my mind together for the daily routine.

I start my mediation the same way every time. I state at the white ceiling and then start breathing deliberately slower that I usually breath. I take 6 breathes in and 6 breathes out. I do this for about a minute or so then I move on to the next phase.

Now that I am relaxed I picture myself connecting to Mother Earth. This is very appropriate considering it is Earth Day. As a Native American I always love to connect with the Earth. I imagine my feet connecting into the ground like the roots of a tree and I imagine that I have an energy rod going along the back of my spine. It is hollow like a straw and it follows my feet into the Earth to the Center of the Earth. Through this straw, I send my love to Mother Earth.

Next I connect with Father Sky. I Imagine my hollow straw going up into the Sky way beyond the Earth. Then I send the same love to the Universe beyond. I consider this a way of connecting myself fully as a being to the Universe.

I wait for the feelings of love to come back to me. Then I go immediately to my center, my heart and just breath and stay there for a minute. I think about my day and slowly come back to reality.

This is not the only meditation I do but it is one of the quickest way I found to refocus myself quickly. After performing my meditation, I can go forth into the world and feed my cat, write, run and other important task that arise.

Yes, this sounds weird to people who do not meditate but I believe it helps me. My normal anxieties are minimal after this meditation. Mediation is drug free, all natural and takes very little time and money. I don’t see a downside. So every night I do the same meditation if  needed.

Love yourself everyone. Just breathe.





    1. Actually yes. If you just start slow like this then you will find that you can go longer if you want to. I use visualization as a way to distract myself in a positive way to get deeper into my meditation. After a short while it gets easier, but some day are better than others.

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