Meditation as a lifestyle


Every morning before I get out of bed to feed my cat I take a few minutes to myself to meditate and get my mind together for the daily routine.

I start my mediation the same way every time. I state at the white ceiling and then start breathing deliberately slower that I usually breath. I take 6 breathes in and 6 breathes out. I do this for about a minute or so then I move on to the next phase.

Now that I am relaxed I picture myself connecting to Mother Earth. This is very appropriate considering it is Earth Day. As a Native American I always love to connect with the Earth. I imagine my feet connecting into the ground like the roots of a tree and I imagine that I have an energy rod going along the back of my spine. It is hollow like a straw and it follows my feet into the Earth to the Center of the Earth. Through this straw, I send my love to Mother Earth.

Next I connect with Father Sky. I Imagine my hollow straw going up into the Sky way beyond the Earth. Then I send the same love to the Universe beyond. I consider this a way of connecting myself fully as a being to the Universe.

I wait for the feelings of love to come back to me. Then I go immediately to my center, my heart and just breath and stay there for a minute. I think about my day and slowly come back to reality.

This is not the only meditation I do but it is one of the quickest way I found to refocus myself quickly. After performing my meditation, I can go forth into the world and feed my cat, write, run and other important task that arise.

Yes, this sounds weird to people who do not meditate but I believe it helps me. My normal anxieties are minimal after this meditation. Mediation is drug free, all natural and takes very little time and money. I don’t see a downside. So every night I do the same meditation if  needed.

Love yourself everyone. Just breathe.




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  1. ART by IMI says:

    I feel I need to start meditating but I just get so distracted! Would you recommend this as an easy way in?

    1. adriadc says:

      Actually yes. If you just start slow like this then you will find that you can go longer if you want to. I use visualization as a way to distract myself in a positive way to get deeper into my meditation. After a short while it gets easier, but some day are better than others.

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