Buying Running Shoes

It is that time of year for me to go out and buy new running shoes. I went running in the Park and I came home with my feet hurting on the outside. The last time my feet did that I used my running shoes for too long and then they ran down in the heel.

This means I need rectify this with some new running shoes, but my favorite running shoe store does not have my brand. I go to Roadrunner Sports. They have tons of Running shoes and reviews and a query called the Shoe Dog. The Shoe Dog finds you shoes after asking you a series of questions like: what sex are you, what size frame do you have, and what type of arches do you have? Then it sends you a list of running shoes to choose from.

I currently have these running shoes:

Adidas Adistar Salvation in Blue


My other choice of running shoes are also Adidas.  The difference in the shoes that I want are the list price. My current pair were discounted because they were the last ones in the store and they were an older. I love them so much that I bought 3 pairs over time. I am looking to purchase  4 possible shoes that will work for my half marathon. One thing that I hope is that the cushioning will be up to par and that the feel of the shoes will entice me to run more. I am in a running slump.

Here are my new choices: Adidas Adizero Adios 2, the Adizero Tempo 5, and the Supernova Glide 5. I could go with my last shoe the Salvation, but I want to see if I can get more cushioning.  This decision is not an easy one, so I am probably going to take my time choosing my next shoe. I may go with the more expensive shoe, if it fits my criteria. I am doing research on the adidas website, then I will go to the Adidas store and try a few on to see how they feel. Most of my shoes are 1/2 size larger to give me room. It is difficult running a marathon in tight running shoes.  The blisters, black toenails and other issues would last long after the race was over. It has happened tome before, so I am avoiding it this time.

Some websites like Road Runner Sports will let you try out the shoes for about 30 days and you can return them if you do not like them. This will help if you need to try out before committing to a new shoe.

All in all, it may take about 30 days to find and purchase your ideal pair of running shoes. Remember, it’s all about the run.


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