Eating too much

Once a week or so I eat more than I do on a daily basis. Most people call it the “Cheat Day.” I call it, “a Free day.” It is a day when I feel free and I eat less restrictive than I usually do.

On my cheat day, I have one regular meal during the day, with a normal amount of calories but no dessert. I figure I should keep my calories on food. I have cut from my diet most fat, and downsized the sugar to natural sugar in foods and stevia. The starch comes and goes depending one how my body reacts to it. Mine tends to add on the pounds when there is a lot of starch.

I am so careful about creating the right balance of food and exercise on a daily basis as to not bee to tired from lack of food or too full to move.

Today I ate my normal Breakfast and I went for a short run. After that I started my day and did a short run to the store to get some food supplies to make chili. The chili turned out great . I ate it for lunch then it all went down hill for dinner I ate Corn cakes, dumplings and chicken. I need a long run just to burn off the sauces from the chicken. No problem. Sadly, it would take many marathons to burn off the calories for most splurges. Let’s skip all that and just eat normal.

I could have eaten chicken and mixed vegetables instead of the corn cake dinner. Renovating your diet is just as easy as eating good foods that you  like.

Yes, it is a problem. Part of my training consists of me eating well. Eating heavy meals make you sluggish and sometimes lazy. Even on a cheat day you should eat in moderation. Lesson learned as I beach myself on the bed tonight.

Hey, you cannot run a race if you are sleeping on the sidelines.


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