Boston Marathon

Today about 2:50pm EDT a bomb went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I was checking out the posted times for the Runners that I knew. Suddenly, I saw the first post of the bombing and I asked my friends in Boston, “Is this for real?” I could not believe that someone would disrupt a Premier event like a The Boston Marathon. But it happened. The spectators took the brunt of the abuse. Two people paid the ultimate price for watching a sporting event. Why? Many people were injured. About 4,500 runners did not finish the race.

What could people Training for 6 months of their life to run an Elite endurance event, paying an entrance fee, and possibly traveling many miles have to do with someones terror plot. I cannot understand why people would want to injure anyone who spends most of their time focusing on their physical fitness. It’s not an easy thing to run a Marathon. Don’t they know that Runners are the bravest people around. They ran the New York City Marathon after 911.

An entire complex of 7 buildings crumbled before their eyes, people died and bridges were being monitored for tampering and we still ran. Many thousands died needlessly but the terror acts still go on. People still fee what ever they need to show by performing a terror act is more important than anything other are doing. They feel that people do not matter only their act matters. That is the thinking of the insane and unstable and there is not enough Xanax to help.

This act will disgust more people than scare them. Maybe that was the concept anyway.

The Boston Marathon is an Elite premier event. That is hard for me to admit since I also love the ING NYC Marathon which is a totally different flavor of event. I cannot detract from the fact that Boston is the Nirvana or the Holy Grail for Marathon Runners. You have to qualify to fill out an application to run this race and be accepted. This means that you would have to had run a previous race and get a great finish time in order to sign up to run. This is much more work than your usual Marathon.

I hope to one day run this myself.

My point here is that people were deprived of their life, health and rights just so some person with a cause who did not know how to express their feelings in a positive fashion could act out. Evidence of their actions are the outcome.

You can say that they do not respect hard work nor do they respect other people. Since we are all the same they are disrespecting themselves and their beliefs as well. They just don’t see it yet. I hope other do see it as it really is. Hate is Fear and is eaten by those who feed off of it. Humanity, do yourself a favor don’t feed them, let them starve.


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