I woke up this morning and turned on the news, which was not usual for me. I’m one who like to listen to “the Couch” because of the lack of sensationalism and very few depressing news stories. Yes, I take the lighter path in the morning before my morning coffee.

You only live once.

I saw someone wearing a button that said “YOLO” on it and I thought for one brief moment. “What?”

I could not comprehend what that meant when i saw it early this morning. I realized that this saying, abbreviation or whatever you want to call it is not a part of my inner dialog. I felt out of touch and ancient. By the way, I am not ancient. However, I am is not very mainstream.

I am wondering if I look back on this phrase in 10 years will anyone ever remember the short text abbreviations that we use today.

Something tells me I think NOT. I don’t even remember what I did last year this time and I love talking about that stuff.

The whole thing made me think about the News and TV content that is presented in the morning news shows. Are we over stimulated first thing in the morning in the name of the news. Maybe we need to take back our mornings.  All of this stimulation I get before my first cup of coffee is what sometimes sets the mood for my whole day.

I do wonder why YOLO became a saying in the first place. I don’t think may spiritual people believe we only live once. Most religions have some sort of belief in the after life or even reincarnation. I believe we live many times but we do not remember it. I guess we only remember living once is too obtuse, odd, quirky or just wrong. Where did this new meaning start?

When people did something odd or extreme like bungee jumping or mountain climbing or on the negative side they do something thoughtless and then say…”YOLO. ”

This is an old saying that somehow went awry. Now it has taken on an I don’t care type of meaning, instead of the, do this now before you die meaning of the past. I like the latter meaning. This is my opinion, but I hope to see the older meaning make a comeback or maybe this whole phase will die off completely like other idioms.

I feel betrayed by the changing mean of the phase. It was so carefree instead of care less. I guess it’s an evolution of the English language and maybe a product of our education that things keep changing.


Maybe one day this phrase will have a noble meaning in the future. Give it a few years.


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