Today I feel alone as I have reached out to people who I felt were acquaintances or friends and I realize that they are silent. I guess I am feeling the effects of my separation from my job. I had a great Job and  fantastic boss, but the Company needed to loose a few people. I was one of the many who were let go.

We were given severance packages and a recruiting firm who should help with my job search, but the networking is not going well. I guess I’m at that stage where people do not want to be bothered because they are overwhelmed by the stop of the layoff and they are worried about their job. I am blessed to know that I have a lot of talent still and I can work in this environment. I thought about how I could have been depressed but I do not feel that way yet. I am still moving forward. Luckily for me I have a great support system and a good meditation regimen.

Off to my regimen. Today is a rest day for me. I am resting mentally after much work.

Four interviews down. One more to go.


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